Artist Talk: Transmissions from the Wayang Spaceship

On 15 July 2022, The Everyday Museum, a public art initiative of the Singapore Art Museum, launched Ming Wong’s latest project Wayang Spaceship, a large scale futuristic-theatrical installation that traces the modernisation of Cantonese opera, including its cinematic transformations and unlikely relationship with the development of science fiction in the Chinese speaking world. Join Ming Wong as he discusses the decade-long research process that led to the Wayang Spaceship and the interrelated (art) tools that enable his quest to discover how information technology drives historical conceptions and future of Asia.

This artist talk was facilitated by SAM curators Shabbir Hussain Mustafa and Syaheedah Iskandar. The programme was presented on the occasion of the launch of Wayang Spaceship, commissioned by The Everyday Museum with the support of Sun Venture.

Click to view the artist talk below