{still} life

Space Objekt

29 Apr 2023– 9 Mar 2025
Duxton Plain Park
Entrance at Yan Kit Road
Public outdoor work. Accessible at all times.

{still} life presents reflective surfaces of varying sizes, encouraging viewers to peer into them. Strategically positioned for the unexpected encounter, the viewer gazes downwards to see the sky, and looks up to see the ground. Certain mirrors function as picture frames highlighting and contrasting specific details in the environment—old vs new, natural vs manmade, public vs private. —drawing closer the lesser-noticed and bringing the past a little closer to the present. This jostling of views that {still} life brings forth epitomises Singapore’s urbanity: around something historic or conserved, there is, often, a very modernised step-in. 

The work takes inspiration from the environs of Duxton Plain Park and responds to the transitory nature of the site. Drawing on the genre of still life, it offers a snapshot of the park in this moment, inviting viewers to slow down and discover visual elements or perspectives that might not be apparent otherwise. 


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About the Artist

Space Objekt is a Singapore-based boutique design studio reshaping the understanding of built environments and creating memorable experiences where people interact within. With a shared vision of making art accessible to all, founders Tina Fung and Ash Razaque hope to connect audiences with the physical world through their immersive, large-scale installations. 

Ash Razaque has worked for some of the biggest production houses and venues in Singapore including The Esplanade and Resorts World Singapore, before turning his focus to entrepreneurship. 

Tina Fung is the principal set designer and artist of Space Objekt. A graduate of Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts, Fung has more than a decade of experience working in Copenhagen, London, and Singapore.

Instagram: @space.objekt