Final Transmissions from the Wayang Spaceship
Closing programmes

Fri–Sun, 8–10 Mar 2024
Empress Lawn, 10 Empress Pl
In front of Victoria Theatre/Concert Hall

Commune with Ming Wong’s Wayang Spaceship before its final send-off. This large-scale, futuristic and theatrical installation, which explores the migration and movement of people, goods and ideas through time and space, has appeared and disappeared in different sites for nearly two years. In its final weekend, we invite you to join us in experiencing the Wayang Spaceship once more.

1. Barter Chatter

Fri–Sat, 8–9 Mar | 4–10pm
Sun 10 Mar | 2–8pm 

Do you have fond memories of street opera performances? Or do you have a favourite science-fiction film, novel or series? Visit our pop-up booth Barter Chatter and share your memories, stories and dreams in exchange for a piece of the Wayang Spaceship. Each piece is thoughtfully assembled by artist-collaborators of the public art commission.   

Submit your response to one of the three simple questions at the booth to bring home limited-edition prints, illustrations, cartographs and sonic excerpts inspired by the Wayang Spaceship and its transmissions. 

Bring your picnic essentials and bask at the Empress Lawn with us! Local, nostalgic snacks will be provided at the booth, along with DIY activities to be enjoyed by everyone.

2. Send-offs (Performance activations)

Fri–Sat, 8–9 Mar | 7.30–8.30pm 

Every day at dusk, the Wayang Spaceship resumes its  role as a travelling Chinese theatre, illuminating the past, present and future with an operatic symphony of light, sound and image. Relish in two evenings of incantation, music, light and electric dreams as Chew Shaw En and Wu Junhan (8 Mar), as well as Andy Lim, Rosemainy Buang and Wu Junhan (9 Mar) send off the metaphorical spaceship with live performances.

This programme is part of Wayang Spaceship, commissioned by The Everyday Museum, a public art initiative by Singapore Art Museum, with the support of Sun Venture.