Transmissions from the Wayang Spaceship
Weekend Live Drawing Sessions

with yeowcarrot, deniseardenise and jaeyyelle
20–21 Jan,   3–4 Feb 2024
Empress Lawn, 10 Empress Pl
In front of Victoria Theatre/Concert Hall

Encounter Ming Wong’s Wayang Spaceship through aural compositions by Ng Yi-Sheng, nor and Diana Rahim, and take home a customised illustration designed by yeowcarrot, deniseardenise and jaeyyelle. 

This unique live drawing experience is exclusive to the opening and closing weekends of Light to Night Singapore 2024. Share about your favourite aural composition with our talented illustrators, who will transform your reflections into cherished mementos of your visit to Ming Wong’s largest public art installation to date! 

This drop-in activity is free. While stocks last. 

This programme is organised by The Everyday Museum, a public art initiative by Singapore Art Museum.   

About the Artists

Shu (@yeowcarrot) is an illustrator who loves stories and patterns. Her drawings explore themes of supernatural worlds. These worlds are often built into her own imagined lore, where strange characters roam and dystopian rules govern. Shu considers them to be gateways into the lives of the things around her, which allow her to experience their worlds vicariously. Her illustrations use fantastical elements as patterns to create maximalist compositions. 

Denise Nicole Yap (@deniseardenise) is a full-time freelance illustrator and animator. She loves how a wealth of stories can be told with just a single image. Her pastel palette and strong ink work bring beauty and energy to each illustration. Her current interests include bad mobile game ads and existential stories. 

Going by the alias Jaeyyelle (@jaeyyelle), JL is a freelance artist who loves creating whimsical illustrations inspired by her inner child. An optimist at heart, JL brings a sense of playfulness and wonder to every piece she creates, infusing her illustrations with a childlike sense of curiosity and innocence.