Speaking of which
A series of free self-guided audio trails

A space becomes a place when we inhabit it, associate memories with, inscribe histories, or simply refer to it. Speaking of which is a series of self-guided audio trails that uncovers stories and invites renewed readings of the places in which we live. It is an invitation to imagine the scenography of life by walking, looking and listening. Each episode focuses on a specific neighbourhood and features archival records and oral interviews interspersed with commissioned audio works, which serve to expand the narratives that surround each place.

Speaking of which is commissioned by The Everyday Museum in partnership with the National Archives of Singapore.

To experience Speaking of which trails, download Echoes on

Echoes is a free mobile app that activates audio content when you enter a geofenced area. The app’s audio trails can only be played on site and with GPS location services enabled. You may choose to download the audio trail prior to your walk to save on cellular data. For more details, please refer to the Echoes in-app user guide.